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15 to 16 December, 2020


RewirEdX – a virtual conference that served as a 1-year countdown to RewirEd Summit.

It was an opportunity to explore and reflect on the experiences of key stakeholders from the world of education and learning – teachers, school-leaders, parents, students and Ministry officials among many others.

In a time of great transition, RewirEdX brought people together to engage in meaningful action-oriented dialogue to rethink and reimagine attitudes towards education.

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15-16 December 2020 Enter Event
15-16 December 2020 Agenda
15-16 December 2020 Speakers

RewirEdX aims to


Enhance knowledge-sharing and connectivity between education policymakers and practitioners by sharing, discussing and debating perspectives and real-life experiences in response to COVID-19, and the new reality that follows


Inspire and evoke participants to think beyond ‘business as usual’ by presenting emerging provocations with the aim of triggering motivation and potential pathways for cross-sector collaborations and co-creation for the future of education

Build consensus on key priorities and themes to take forward to RewirEd Summit

The videos below will give you the opportunity to hear from more than 80 different speakers, including ministers, high-level panelists, experts, funders, teachers, employers and youth from over 40 different countries who shared their key learnings and reflections on the future of education and learning.

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Day 2

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